Mario Torero - Lisa Smith

Mario Torero

Mario Torero is an art artivist who works for a vision of better communities for San Diego. He joined the Chicano movement when very young and has worked as a muralist, both working to preserve Chicano park and to make the neighborhood better through the BL/EV (Barrio Logan/East Village) project. Torero is from Peru but grew up in Logan Heights learning art at his father's knee. He is passionate about teaching the younger generations artistic expression. "Artists are the ones who are pioneers and move forward to change things," says Torero. His own works have been extensively displayed, most recently in the Cannon Gallery annual exhibition.

Question #1 What is your highlight Visual art experience from the last year?

#1 "My visual highlight has been my gallery school of 'cosmic arts'. Living for forty years in the forefront of a full and involved culture of the arts in San Diego, has placed layers of illusions and unaccomplished dreams into my personal reality, which now has a great sense of the unreal... make that surreal."

Question #2 What is your vision of the future of the Visual arts for San Diego?

#2 "I see the great need to develop an 'ART breeding machine', which would utilize the arts and artists to thrust our city forward as a global example of the potential to incorporate art and life as a means of education towards a progressive philosophy of peace & justice. Now the valiant group of the "BLEV" (Barrio Logan/East Village) Arts District Project and I are engaged in creating, what we hope will be a permanent arts center & district in the downtown section of San Diego."